“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”

— Ferdinand Foch, as quoted in The 32nd Infantry Division in World War II by Harold Whittle Blakeley (via larmoyante)

Slogging it home with a broken autopilot, single pilot (and an grumpy pilot).

The Juan Maclean signed test pressings. Thank you DFA, Juan, and Nancy! Xoxo


59 years ago today we lost James Dean, a Mid-Western dream, the pioneer of teenage rebellion, a talent like no other, and a hero who captured the hearts of so many people, bringing hundreds of strangers together creating bonds of friendship that will truly last a lifetime! I hate to reminisce about his death, because today we should celebrate the life he led, the things he did. I do wish that crash never happened, but I do know if things didn’t happen the way it did we wouldn’t all be gathering in his hometown every year, it makes the pain of Jimmy being gone a lot easier when you have dear friends together to focus on the good and not so much the bad.
I will always be proud to be a fan of Jimmy, there is no one like him, and never will be.

"I liken it to a kind of star, or comet that fell through the sky and everybody still talks about it, they say ‘Remember that night, when that…when you saw that shooting star?’ That was it, I mean, he had that enormous appeal, and magic.” -Julie Harris

{February 8th, 1931-September 30th, 1955}

Bon Voyage.
Until next time. (at Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport)

at Seista Key Beach

A minor world. (at Seista Key Beach)

An ocean between the waves (at Seista Key Beach)